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“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you - thanks to your support and guidance H and I have had a successful breastfeeding journey for seven months now (and we’re still going!), a completely different experience to first time round. The time you spent with us separately to talk through/rationalise the challenges I faced first time round was invaluable. The one point that really stayed with me was that breastfeeding is more than just feeding your baby. It completely changed my mindset for the better!”


“A year ago I contacted Joanna in desperation, struggling with my milk supply, unable to provide enough for my baby boy who was losing weight with reflux and cow’s milk protein allergy. Joanna not only advised me on how to boost my milk supply and adjust my feeding positions but provided much-needed moral support. She was also there to advise and support when I had mastitis and was given wrong antibiotics. I messaged and called her a lot during the first months of my son’s life, even on the weekends, and she always responded. One year on the picture couldn’t be more different: my son is a thriving one year old, and I am still breastfeeding. The feeding Facebook support group she set up for parents is still invaluable for everything baby related: from breastfeeding and solids, to sleep and parents’ mental health. I really appreciated Joanna’s kind and non-judgemental approach, coupled with incredible knowledge and experience. We were very lucky to have met Joanna.”


“I'm a first time mum and had my baby just before the very first lockdown. Joanna's support has been amazing. I can't thank her enough . . . she is fab!
I struggled with breastfeeding initially and my baby wasn't gaining weight well so I was really anxious. That, coupled with total lack of sleep, was very stressful. I was prescribed domperidone to help my breast milk supply and was doing mixed feeds for several months. Joanna was incredibly helpful and supportive in navigating these challenges which affect so many families. She answered my questions honestly and used up to date, evidence-based knowledge to help guide and reassure me at various points. By discussing my concerns openly with her I was able to move forward and have had such a successful journey - thank you Joanna xx.”


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