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Breastfeeding Support

As an NCT-trained Breastfeeding Counsellor, I offer support with feeding babies on a voluntary basis to parents in Enfield via the Facebook group NCT Enfield Breastfeeding Drop-in.

If you are seeking postnatal support on a private basis, we can arrange a video call or I can visit you at home to discuss any aspect of feeding milk or solids to your baby or toddler. I charge £65 for a video call or £85 for a home visit. This includes follow-up support via text messaging for two weeks after the appointment. An appointment usually lasts around two hours to allow you the chance to explore your circumstances and options.

If you would like me to hold time to support you with feeding around your baby’s estimated date of birth, I charge £195. This includes priority with scheduling one home visit as soon as is convenient to you after the birth and up to three hours’ phone/video/text support to be used flexibly before your baby arrives and/or in the first six weeks after birth.

If you would like to have access to regular support whilst you are getting started with breastfeeding or if you are having some challenges with feeding in the early weeks or months, you might consider booking some Postnatal Doula hours so that I can prepare some food for you or do a few chores around the house whilst we chat about how things are going.

Things I often support parents with include:

  • Getting started with breastfeeding;

  • Overcoming challenges with feeding;

  • De-briefing previous feeding experiences;

  • Concerns about milk supply;

  • Expressing or combination feeding;

  • Paced or responsive bottle feeding;

  • Concerns about sleep or excessive crying;

  • Introducing solid foods;

  • Returning to work; 

  • Feeding older babies; and 

  • Stopping breastfeeding.





Taking Care of a Baby

Doula Services

Newborn Baby with Mom


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