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Post Natal Doula

Having had three children in the last 16 years, I believe that a listening ear and an extra pair of hands can make a very positive difference in a household when you have a new baby or babies. My aim is to simplify life for new parents by creating an environment in which I nurture them so that they can focus on nurturing their children. 

I trained with Conscious Birthing and am registered with Doula UK as a Postnatal Doula. 

As a Postnatal Doula I might do some of the following as well as other things that you may suggest:

  • Sit alongside you as you learn about feeding your baby or babies; 

  • Listen, support, encourage and offer information as you get to know your baby;

  • Hold your baby while you take a bath or have a rest; 

  • Share baby massage techniques to help you soothe your baby;

  • Prepare food for you and your family;

  • Run errands or tidy the house;

  • Look after older children while you focus on your baby or look after your baby while you spend time with your older children;

  • Offer support with premature babies and twins; 

  • Accompany you to an appointment or on a first trip outside the home; and

  • Help you to identify sources of social and professional support in your community.

I live in Enfield and am willing to travel across north and central London as well as into parts of Hertfordshire and Essex. 

I charge £25 per hour and the minimum length of a one-off visit is three hours. If booking a minimum of 18 hours, I charge £22 per hour with the option for some of that time to be taken as video or telephone calls or messaging to allow for speedy access to feeding and other support before and shortly after birth if required.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about how I might work with you and your family.

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